Who will the College and Career Center serve?

Who Will Empower Center Serve?

Established high school programs and the Move on When Ready dual-enrollment programs offered through partnerships with the University of North Georgia and Lanier Technical College will allow EC3 to provide high-demand skills for high school students and adults from Jackson County and the surrounding areas.

EC3 also will provide post-baccalaureate opportunities for individuals seeking new skills or a career change after earning a college degree.

Students will engage in authentic, integrated, work-based and service-learning experiences that simulate the professional environment.

  • Exploring and refining technical skills will be emphasized, as will the soft skills valued in all professions and industries, including:
  • Appearance and professional image
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Attitude and respect
  • Discipline and character
  • Oral and written business communication skills
  • Organization and responsibility
  • Productivity and academic performance
  • Self-management and time management
  • Social media ethics
  • Teamwork and work habits
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