Frequently Asked Questions

What does EC3 stand for?

Empower College and Career Center

Who attends the Center?

The Center will be available to eligible Jackson County Comprehensive High School,  East Jackson Comprehensive High School, Foothills Charter High School, and Commerce High School students.  Eligibility for attendance is determined by each student’s home (based on residency) school and completion of the entry level CTAE and Dual Enrollment prerequisites courses.

What courses and programs are offered?

Several career pathways will be phased into the curriculum including Health Science, Mechatronics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Energy, Business & Marketing, Logistics, as well as collegiate courses offered by Lanier Technical College and University of North Georgia.

How is Empower C3 funded?

Through student enrollment state funds and corporate sponsorships

Does Empower C3 have a principal? Teachers? Staff?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The Center has several staff positions, in addition to a CEO who oversees the promotion and partnership for Empower, teachers will provide instruction and an administrator will provide daily operational oversight.

How do students get to Empower C3?

Any student has the opportunity to ride the provided transportation or use their own means of transportation.

Where do students eat lunch?

Breakfast and lunch will be available at the center through Jackson County School Nutrition Program.  Students may eat at the center or at their home school depending on their scheduling needs.

What kinds of classes are offered at Empower College and Career Center?

Hands-on, workplace curriculum along with traditional, classroom coursework, including Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment courses provide opportunities for high school students to take college-level courses directly from college instructors, earn college credit and receive high school credit at the same time.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment programs ease the transition from high school to college, provide a way to earn college credit while students learn, and offers meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students.

Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?

Primarily available for any eligible 11th or 12th grade, high school students may enroll full-time or part-time in approved credit-bearing college-level courses by the State Board of Education. Courses may be taken before, during or after regular school hours, on college campus, online or at Empower C3.

How do I pay for Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment classes are HOPE eligible and have other funding. Textbooks are included, but additional supplies may be the student’s responsibility (tools, scrubs, etc).

When will Empower C3 open?

The center is scheduled to open Fall Semester 2021.

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